mandag den 15. december 2014

Santa outfit nails!

Hey everybody! I'm really behind on the christmas nails, but I somehow managed to get the time to make these. They are supposed to be Santa's belt and buckle.. They are very simple, but I think they are so cute! A customer at my work LOVED them and complimented my skills! They were not that hard to make, but it still made me really happy.
I already know what I'm going to make as my next christmas design, and I can't wait to get started! 

onsdag den 10. december 2014

Christmas outfit!

Hey everybody! Last weekend i went to a christmas party with my class mates. We all brought food, and it was so much fun! I ate waaay to much, but we just had such a good time. I decided to go all out on the christmas outfit, since i'm not going to a lot of christmas parties this year. I found the ugliest (coolest!) sweater, that is actually my grandmothers.. I borrowed it form her a couple of years ago, and never returned it.. I rarely wear my hair up, but i wanted to show all the details on my sweater, so a doughnut-bun was perfect! I Added a red bow, and topped my outfir of with red lips and killer boots! 

Sweater - Tiara International
Boots - Jeffrey Campbell
Jeans - H&M
Bow - Homemade
Earrings - Homemade
Ring - Jane Kønig
Lipstick - NYX 

torsdag den 4. december 2014

November favorites!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay of this post.. I have had it planned out for several days now, I just never seemed to have the time to shoot the pictures. But today I did! I wanna share ny November favorites with you, even though I only have 4 items to show you.
The first thing is my newest addition to my OPI collection. It is the "Thank glogg it's friday" and since it is one of the Nordic polishes, I had to have it!
The second thing is the "all about eyes serum" from Clinique. I use this every morning when i'm super tired, and it just get's rid of my puffy eyes.
The third thing is my super cool bracelet from H&M and the last thing is the scarf underneath! It is actually my sisters, but it is just so cozy and warm that I had to put it in here.

What were your favorites from November? :)

lørdag den 29. november 2014

Wish list - Luxury

Hey everyone! This will be the last wish list post, and I really hope that you have enjoyed them. This post is all about the designer items that most of us wish for our whole life.. So unless your dad is Bill gates, you probably won't find any of these items under the tree this year.. But it's okay to dream! And I have collected some items that I will definitely buy when I become a millionaire! My favorites would be the bags from Chanel and Mulberry, and the shoes from Christian Louboutin. The new Mulberry commercial made me fall even more in love with the Bayswater bag! If you haven't watched the commercial, you need to.. It is genius!

wishlist #3

onsdag den 26. november 2014

Wish list - family

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed my last wish list post, because here comes another one! The last one consisted of some inexpensive things that you could ask your friends for. This one's a little different. I have gathered some pieces that I really like, and that I think it's fair enough to wish for from your family. Some of these things are on my own wish list, like the gold cluch and the sneakers. I adore the shoes, but I think i'm going to buy them for my self when I have enough money! ;)
What's on your wish list?

Wishlist #2

søndag den 23. november 2014

Wish list - on budget

Hey everyone! Over the next few days I will post three wishlist/gift ideas! If you haven't made your wishlist for christmas yet, I suggest you're getting started now.. And if you don't know what to wish for, then just stay tuned for more ideas! This is the first post, for presents on a budget. These things would work fine if you're going to wish for some inexpensive things, or if you want to buy something for a friend or maybe a sister.

I absolutely love the reindeer earrings! Perfect for a christmas lover, and so would the iPhone cover be. If you don't have a lot of money, candy or homemade cupcakes would be a great gift. Personally, the thing i would want the most, is the book "Let it snow" which is written by (amongst others) John Green, and he is just an amazing writer!

Wishlist #1