mandag den 1. september 2014

August favourites!

Hey everyone! Time for August favourites.. And yes, I know that i missed last month..  I just kind of forgot it.. Sorry! Anyways, here's my favourite products from this past month.. What have you loved? :)

My new best friend! The Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer is amazing. It makes my skin feel like silk, and it smells refreshingly like cucumbers! 

This pearl ring means a lot to me! In August, me and my boyfriend celebrated our 1-year anniversary, and he got me this beautiful ring from Jane Kønig.

My last summer manicure this year :( This is Essie's California Coral and it is stunning! Even prettier in real life.

If you haven't heard Taylor Swift's new song, you have to! I have been listening to this on repeat this month. 

tirsdag den 26. august 2014

Stella McCartney event!

Hey everyone! This evening i attendet a shopping event at the Stella McCartney store in Copenhagen. It was also to relaunch the Stella McCartney fragrance, which is amazing! I took a few pictures of her A/W 14 collection that i wanted to show you. Stella is one of my favorite designers, and i really loved this collection! What do you think about it? :)

mandag den 18. august 2014

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Review!

Hey everyone! Unless you have been living under a rock, i'm pretty sure you all have heard of the release of Christian Louboutin's first nail polish! When i realised it, i went crazy and searched the internet to find the polish. I found it on several sites, but none of them could ship to Denmark which pissed me off! I mean this is 2014, i live in Denmark, not freaking Narnia?!

Anyways, the following day i had to go to Copenhagen to run some errands, and i thought that i might as well go into the CL boutique, and ask them if they would get the nail polish, or if maybe they could order in home for me.
So here's what happened: I walked down the street to the store, and as i'm getting closer, i see something in the window. A huge castel looking thing, but i don't see any shoes.. I got closer and realised that there were nail polishes all around the castel. I literally ran in to the store and screamed "CAN I BUY ONE OF THOSE?!" The lady in the store was like "of course you can" and went and got one for me. Happiest day ever!

I've gotten a lot of questions about the polish and if it's really worth the price (I paid $60 for mine.) So i decided to do a review. If you have any inputs, questions or opinions about the polish, feel free to write a comment, i would love to hear what you think about it!


This is what my nails looked like right after i painted them. I used two coats of polish, even though one thick coat could be enough. On top is the Rapid Dry topcoat from OPI. One of the things i don't like about the polish is the small brush. I have pretty "big" nails, and with the thick formula of the polish, i would have to work fast the polish. 


A picture from the sun where it looks more orange. Both of my hands looked like this, so far no chipping. 


This picture was taken inside with flash. As you can see, the polish has chipped a bit at the tip, but nothing noticeable. 


This was my last day wearing the polish, and i thought i'd show you both hands. I was really impressed with the durability of the polish. I went to work twice this week, which resulted in a semi-broken nail, and ofc the polish fell of.I washed my hair which usually makes my nail polish chip, but not this one. 


+ =
- It is the perfect red colour!
- It stays on for a long time
- The bottle is so beautiful
- The fact that it's a Christian Louboutin design that i actually can afford. 

- =
- I would like the brush to be thicker
- The formula is a little too thick
- The price. It's cheap for Christian Louboutin, but expensive for a nail polish!

I'll give it five out of six starts. I mean, the thick formula probably does the non-chipping job, so the only think i would like to change is the brush. If you are looking for a perfect everyday red, this is not worth it. This polish is for people who love nail polish and/or CL's designs. As for me, i love both, so i needed this in my collection. I don't think i'm going to wear it a lot.. This is a work of art, and i'm going to proudly display it on my shelf. 

Yes, i paid $60 for a nail polish.. And i would do it again! ;) 

onsdag den 13. august 2014

Yay, i got a Liebster Award!

Hey everyone! Sooooo.. I have been nominated for a Liebster Award from the sweetest girl Maureen from Happiness Undefined. Thank you so much Maureen, i really appreciate it!


-Thank the blogger that nominated you, link in the post. 
-Write 11 random facts about yourself!
-Answer the questions they set you..
-Set 11 questions for your nominees, your own or from the previous blogger.
- And nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers, or less if you really have to! (I have read different versions of the Liebster Award post, and the number seems to change from time to time.. I'll nominate whoever i want!


1. I love christmas and everything about it! I could celebrate it all year long! 

2. I started doing nail art about 4 years ago, and i have about 130 polishes in my collection. 

3. I can't sleep with socks on, and i really don't understand people who does it.. WHY?! 

4. I think shooting stars are kind of magical.

5. I hate smokers and i just can't stand being around them when they smoke.. Or when they talk about smoking. 

6. My all time favorite show is Friends. I have watched all of the episodes countless of times. 

7. I'm not a huge animal lover, but my favorite animal is dolphins. 

8. I still watch Disney Channel sometimes.. And yes, i am 17! 

9. My favorite english word is "marvelous".

10. I hate basically all kinds of sports.. Both to watch and to perform! 

11. My biggest wish is to get married, and i have been saving up for my wedding since i was 12. 


- What is the main goal for your blog? Meet friends, create a business?
I don't really have a main goal.. I created this blog just to have fun and because i like being creative with clothes, nails, beauty, ect. I just love to show people what ideas i have and to hear the reactions. Hopefully i also inspire some people when it comes to outfits and nail art.

- If you had to chose one year to be your favorite, what would it be? 
I would have to say 2013. That was the year i started in a new school, i got a job, i met Justin Bieber and most important of all, that's the year i got my lovely boyfriend <3 

- What is your go to nail color?
Arrrgh this is a hard one.. But red is always classy and works with almost everything. "Rouge" by Christian Louboutin is my favorite, but i also love "Hey Saylor" from China Glaze.

- Sandals, flats, or boots? 
I would say boots.. Even though i don't have a lot :-/

- What are your all time and current favorite movies? 
My all time favorite movie is "The Notebook", it is just the most romantic movie ever, and i'll never get tired of it. My current favorite movie is "The Fault In Our Stars". I watched it twice in the theatres! Can't wait for it to come out on DVD!

- What is your favorite season and why?
That would be winter.. Just because of Christmas, Valentines Day, and the snow! 
- Favorite actor and actress? 
Ouch.. I have a favorite actor from Denmark, Nikolaj Lie Kaas, just because he is amazing and can play all roles! If it had to be a non-danish actor i would say Leonardo DiCaprio.. Just give him the damn Oscar! Favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston. 

- What is your most worn scent? 
I think it is "Girlfriend"  by Justin Bieber.. The best one by him!

- It's a cold Monday morning, what outfit do you pull from your closet? 
A pair of dark jeans, a cute sweater and some nice boots. 

- What song do you currently have on replay?
"Mama said" by Lukas Graham! 

- Where do you see yourself within the next 5 years? 
In five years i'm 22.. So i would have moved in with my boyfriend, started at my school to be a journalist, and hopefully my blog will still be here <3 


Ajnira from Majnira
Kathrin from Get Carried Away
Ania from Anna and Klaudia
Janne from Janne Bodin
Nivetha from Nivii's Diary
Polina from Summer Caffe
Kira from Schuhreich
Ramona from Strike a pose


-Why did you decide to create your blog in the first place?
-What is your favorite piece of clothing? 
-If you could choose one person to be a reader of your blog, who should it be?
-What is your favorite Disney movie?
-Who is your biggest inspiration stylewise? 
-If you could eat dinner with a famous person dead or alive, who should it be? 
-If you could only live with 3 beauty product for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose? 
-What kind of music is you favorite and least favorite? 
-What were your worst fashion purchase? 
-Favorite twerking song? 
-What is your all time favorite fashion trend? 

I hope most of you would like to do this post, since i think this is a very fun way to get to know the person behind the screen a lot better. I'm sorry if i nominated someone who has already done it.. Feel free to do it again! ^^.

lørdag den 9. august 2014

BOSS event!

Hey everyone! I'm home from Norway, and the vacation is almost over so more blogging is going to happend! Last night i went to a BOSS and Eurowoman event at the BOSS flagship store in Copenhagen. Most fancy event i have been to so far! There were chocolate, nice food, fruit, juice, live music and a bunch of Moët champagne, with cute guys walking around saying: "More champagne ladies?" It all ended with a pretty sweet goodiebag.. So yeah, that was fun!
Of course we also got to see the A/W 14 collection from Jason Wu, which was both cool and elegant! Take a look at the photos and tell me what you think :)

Champagne (and diamonds) are a girl's best friend, right?

Yuuum, food!

The new collection styled on models. I'm in love with that dress!

Beautiful models wearing the new clothes. 

Amazing dresses in nice colours and materials.

Bea Fagerholt and Sara Jin Mi Olsen from Eurowoman.

The amazing danish singer Freja Kirk performed a few songs. 

Me outside the BOSS store. The dress is Marc by Marc Jacobs and the sandals are from Aldo.

Ahh the great goodiebag! Love the "Ma Vie" perfume! 

onsdag den 30. juli 2014

New In: Kiko Makeup!

Hey everyone! I'm home from Italy, and ready to leave in two days to go to Norway! More blogging will happen when i get home. I didn't have internet in Italy, and i won't in Norway eather. I didn't shop a lot in Italy, since i spend all of my money on ice cream and pizza.. Don't judge me, you know you would too! I did however get a few things from Kiko, a makeup brand i have heard of, but never tried.. Can't wait!
How's your summer so far? :)