mandag den 14. juli 2014

Wedding guest outfits!

Hey everyone! Wedding season is here, and even though i'm not going to any weddings this summer (can you hear me cry??) i thought i would show you some dresses for going to weddings or other formal events this summer. My aunt is getting married in October (Yas gaga!) so i'm on the lookout for a fabulous dress! Which one of these would you choose?

Dresses for weddings!

fredag den 4. juli 2014

Made In the USA.. Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone! I am a huge believer in celebrating american holidays, even though i'm not an american.. It's not that i go all out with a huge meal and fireworks, i just like to dress up.. Hahah! Actually, the 4th of July always reminds me of the horror movie I know what you did last summer.. And all of the others.. They are really bad, but i watched the first one when i was 11 and it scared the shit out of me! So yeah, I always stay away from harbours on this day ;)

So here's what i would wear if i lived in America. Oh and a warning.. A lot of cameltoe is happening here! Just proofs that you should never wear tights as pants!

Vest: London - Tights: New Yorker - Tshirt: Ganni - Ring: Forever 21 - Shoes: Aldo

mandag den 30. juni 2014

June Favorites!

Hey everyone! I hope you're all enjoying your summer so far. Today i have my June favorites for you, hopefully you'll like it. What were your favorites this month? :)

I have used this bag a lot this month. I have been going to a few concerts, and this is perfect to have all your stuff in.

I recently bought this these earrings on eBay, and they were so cheap! I think they were like $2.. Including shipping! I can't remember the seller, but if you type in "Pearl earrings" they will sure show up.

I got this shower oil in a Goodiebox two months ago, and i have been using it a lot. The bottle is huge, and you don't have to use a lot of it. I just rub it on mainly my legs right before i get out of the shower, and my legs just feels smooth right after. 

Since i lost my favorite colored chapstick (but then found it) i needed a new one. This one is from Labello and tastes like watermelon! 

lørdag den 21. juni 2014

OOTD - Date Night!

Hey everyone! Yesterday my boyfriend and i went on a date that I arranged.. I made dinner for him (which is like unbelievable, since I can't cook!) then we went for some yummy ice cream, and at last we went to a drive-in cinema.. We watched 22 Jump Street, and it was actually pretty good.. It's hard to find movies that both of us like, but he liked the mixture of comedy and action, and i liked Channing Tatum.. Win!
So here's the outfit that i wore.. And YES i know that the dress is pretty short. I probably should have tried it on in the store, haha!

Dress: Topshop - Bag: Paul's Boutique - Belt: Portugal - Nails: Essie

tirsdag den 17. juni 2014

New in: Topshop, H&M and Asos!

Hey everyone! Last week i went shopping (i also bought i few things today, haha) and though i would get a couple of things since the big summer sales are starting to.. Well, start! I also ordered a dress and a butterfly/bow from Asos, but since the dress is in the washer, you will have to see that another day ;)

Dress: Topshop - Shirt, bracelets: H&M - Butterfly:

fredag den 13. juni 2014

Goodiebox Review

Hey everyone! These last few weeks a have been to a couple of test at school, and on Thursday i have my last test. Afterwards? Vacation!! Yup, almost two months of no school! And that means a lot more blogging.. Yaaay!
This week i want to talk about a subscription service called Goodiebox. This post will only concern my danish readers, since the company are only shipping to Denmark. (At least i think so..) But i still think that this post relates to most people who are thinking about joining a subcription service.

Goodiebox is a company that sends you a box of different beauty products once a month. The boxes can vary prom person to person, but overall, everybody gets the same. A couple of months ago i decided to sign up, because i had heard of the American version GlamBox and it sounded like a good way to try out new products. I only got three boxes, and then i had to unregister. Let me show you one of the boxes that i got:

The goodieboxes always come in a really cute package, with confetti inside. Yay! Who doesn't like confetti?? It also comes with a note that explains all of the products. Some of the products i got from the three boxes, i actually really like. But the rest of them are just useless. I have a really sensitive skin, and i didn't think of that when i signed up. A lot of these products contains perfume of parabens so i probably have to give them away.
The price of these boxes are 139 DKK which would be around $26. I just dont think that the products are worth it. One thing i did like about Goodiebox was their customer service. There was a problem with one of my boxes, so i wrote to them about it. They were so nice and answered fast. Because of my box arived three weeks later, they gave me my money back. Now that's customer service!


 + =
-The people who work at Goodiebox are so nice and friendly. 
-I got my money back when there was a problem.

- = 
-The price.
-The products containing perfume/parabens.
-Problems with the shipping.

 I'll give them two out of six stars, just because the products are not worth the price. At least not for me.