søndag den 14. september 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs event!

Hey everyone! A couple of days ago I went to a shopping event at the MBMJ store in Copenhagen. The store was open just for us, snacks were served and everything was 20% off! I was so close to buy the Classic Q Karlie bag in red, just because I loved the color and the silver hardware. I just didn't have a lot of money, so i decided not to.. Maybe I will buy it in December as a christmas present for myself! ;)

tirsdag den 9. september 2014

OOTD - First fall outfit!

Hey everyone! Fall is (almost) finally here! I have gotten out my ankle boots, and i am so ready for scarfs, sweaters, and hot cocoa! Today i wore my jumpsuit from Asos, and paired it with some gold accessories. I finished off with a bold red lip that i'm loving! What do you think? :)

torsdag den 4. september 2014

Wouldn't mind wearing - H&M Studio A/W

Hey everyone! Today H&M's Studio line A/W came in stores! I must admit that i'm not crazy about it.. It is described as "A playful and charming bohemian style in this effortlessly cool collection. Feminine expression meets masculine cuts.." So yeah. The bohemian style is not really me, and the masculine cuts are definitely not me! I do however like the feminine expressions.. And one thing that really caught  my eye was this beautiful faux fur coat! 
I don't own any fur coats, so i would love to own this one. I love the soft colour of it, and the cut is just perfect.. I tried to style it with items i would pair it with.

Have you bought anything from the H&M Studio line? :) 

Wouldn't mind wearing - H&M Studio

mandag den 1. september 2014

August favourites!

Hey everyone! Time for August favourites.. And yes, I know that i missed last month..  I just kind of forgot it.. Sorry! Anyways, here's my favourite products from this past month.. What have you loved? :)

My new best friend! The Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer is amazing. It makes my skin feel like silk, and it smells refreshingly like cucumbers! 

This pearl ring means a lot to me! In August, me and my boyfriend celebrated our 1-year anniversary, and he got me this beautiful ring from Jane Kønig.

My last summer manicure this year :( This is Essie's California Coral and it is stunning! Even prettier in real life.

If you haven't heard Taylor Swift's new song, you have to! I have been listening to this on repeat this month. 

tirsdag den 26. august 2014

Stella McCartney event!

Hey everyone! This evening i attendet a shopping event at the Stella McCartney store in Copenhagen. It was also to relaunch the Stella McCartney fragrance, which is amazing! I took a few pictures of her A/W 14 collection that i wanted to show you. Stella is one of my favorite designers, and i really loved this collection! What do you think about it? :)

mandag den 18. august 2014

Christian Louboutin Nail Polish Review!

Hey everyone! Unless you have been living under a rock, i'm pretty sure you all have heard of the release of Christian Louboutin's first nail polish! When i realised it, i went crazy and searched the internet to find the polish. I found it on several sites, but none of them could ship to Denmark which pissed me off! I mean this is 2014, i live in Denmark, not freaking Narnia?!

Anyways, the following day i had to go to Copenhagen to run some errands, and i thought that i might as well go into the CL boutique, and ask them if they would get the nail polish, or if maybe they could order in home for me.
So here's what happened: I walked down the street to the store, and as i'm getting closer, i see something in the window. A huge castel looking thing, but i don't see any shoes.. I got closer and realised that there were nail polishes all around the castel. I literally ran in to the store and screamed "CAN I BUY ONE OF THOSE?!" The lady in the store was like "of course you can" and went and got one for me. Happiest day ever!

I've gotten a lot of questions about the polish and if it's really worth the price (I paid $60 for mine.) So i decided to do a review. If you have any inputs, questions or opinions about the polish, feel free to write a comment, i would love to hear what you think about it!


This is what my nails looked like right after i painted them. I used two coats of polish, even though one thick coat could be enough. On top is the Rapid Dry topcoat from OPI. One of the things i don't like about the polish is the small brush. I have pretty "big" nails, and with the thick formula of the polish, i would have to work fast the polish. 


A picture from the sun where it looks more orange. Both of my hands looked like this, so far no chipping. 


This picture was taken inside with flash. As you can see, the polish has chipped a bit at the tip, but nothing noticeable. 


This was my last day wearing the polish, and i thought i'd show you both hands. I was really impressed with the durability of the polish. I went to work twice this week, which resulted in a semi-broken nail, and ofc the polish fell of.I washed my hair which usually makes my nail polish chip, but not this one. 


+ =
- It is the perfect red colour!
- It stays on for a long time
- The bottle is so beautiful
- The fact that it's a Christian Louboutin design that i actually can afford. 

- =
- I would like the brush to be thicker
- The formula is a little too thick
- The price. It's cheap for Christian Louboutin, but expensive for a nail polish!

I'll give it five out of six starts. I mean, the thick formula probably does the non-chipping job, so the only think i would like to change is the brush. If you are looking for a perfect everyday red, this is not worth it. This polish is for people who love nail polish and/or CL's designs. As for me, i love both, so i needed this in my collection. I don't think i'm going to wear it a lot.. This is a work of art, and i'm going to proudly display it on my shelf. 

Yes, i paid $60 for a nail polish.. And i would do it again! ;)