fredag den 24. april 2015

1People jewelry!

Hey everyone! I have shown some 1People pieces on the blog before, but I wanted to make an entire post on their jewelry. 1People is a brand that gives back and is all about charity, which is the reason why I chose to become an ambassador for them. 1People believe that companies have social and global responsibility to create a better world. 

1People commit to: 

-Contribute to the elimination of poverty, dyslexia, and unworthy human conditions by creating sustainable and constant growth in developing countries, moreover by engaging in a direct and focused effort to build schools, sanitary conditions, infrastructure and the like.

-An increased awareness on the needs of humanity and thereby creating a global network of relations, which will be a necessary foundation to create peace, sustainable prosperity and decent conditions for all people and nature.

-To being a company where people can develop their skills, potential and consciousness. The well-being of the individual is in focus.




If you're looking for new jewelry or need to find a present for someone, I would definitely recommend pieces from 1People. They are absolutely beautiful and they work for a good cause. You can find them HERE

fredag den 17. april 2015

Current favorites!

Hey everyone! As you know, I don't do monthly favorites this year, so they will just pop up from time to time, whenever I have something to show you. About a month ago I turned 18, and I got a lot of great stuff, especially beauty stuff. Here's some of my favorite picks for the last month.
What's yours? :)

Nail polish: Need a vacation - Brush: Nilens Jord - Lipstick: Chanel - Ring: Jane Kønig

fredag den 10. april 2015

All about Chuck Bass!

Hey everybody! Gossip Girl have been one of my favorite series for a really long time now, and just like many others, I am obsessed with the character Chuck Bass. In the beginning I couldn't stand him, but througouth the seasons, I liked him more and more.
So when I saw this t-shirt, I obviously needed to get it! And I did.. After a long time of waiting! I got it from but I will never use that webside again! It literally took two months before I recieved it.. I emailed them after a month, and they couldn't even tell me when I was going to get it.. So if you're wanting this shirt, I would suggest you to get it somewhere else..

Anyways! It's here now, and I just think that this is such a cool and fun t-shirt! What do you think? :)

søndag den 5. april 2015

DIY Easter chicken earrings!

Happy easter everybody! I haven't done a DIY in a looong time, so when I saw these little chicken decorations at the mall, I got a great idea! I love weird and quirky accessories, and earrings is a great way to add some fun to your outfit. I already have ice cream, oreo, robot and strawberry earrings.. And now I also have little birds!

You will need:
-Chickens (or other easter decorations)
-Little hoops
-Plain earrings

Step one:
Open the little hoops with whatever tool you have (I used a pair of scissors) and attach them to the earrings. 

Step two: 
Attach the hoops to the chickens. This was a little hard, and i also had to cut some of the "feathers" because I messed it up, haha. 

Step three: 
You are done! Get on your new earrings and try to take some decent pictures.. Because that is difficult! 

torsdag den 2. april 2015

My little furry friend

Hey everybody! Spring was supposed to be here by now, but it hasn't quite arrived yet.. The only good thing about the cold weather is that I can still use my furs! This is one of my fur items, and I actually have two of them. Last christmas me and my sister got a muff each, but since then, my sister has become a vegetarian, so she didn't want her's anymore.. Lucky me!
Mine is gray but I just love this crazy red one, that can spice up any boring winter outfit! What do you think? :) 

fredag den 27. marts 2015

Almost peacock nails..

Hey everybody! Things were so stressful at my birthday party, that i forgot to take pictures of my nails. These nails are therefore a few days old, but they hadn't chipped so i guess they are still acceptable ;) I tried to make peacock feathers, but apparenly they didn't turn out well, since my boyfriend thought they were sticks..